provides a forum in which the art of making dance performances can be explored and cultivated by aspiring dance and visual artists from inception to performance.

strives to provide the necessary tools and support so these artists can follow their vision and achieve their goals.

encourages the exploration and collaboration between artists in all aspects of production and development of dance - more importantly, providing  participants with the opportunity to create, interpret, present and perform their work.

O DANCE is a Palm Beach County Dance Company with an ambitious goal; to produce original choreography that expands the vocabulary of dance for all involved, to provide a forum for dance and visual artists that is free from boundaries and limitations with the focus on the exploration of dance and theater, to reinterpret the way dances are constructed and to push dance into the next century, while solidly holding on to the classical ballet training and technique.

brings a contemporary appreciation and understanding to the art  art form  immersing its work with an updated vision of vigorous, passionate affinity.

O DANCE reflects the vision of a gifted dance producer and award winning choreographer, Jerry Opdenaker, a former dancer with Pennsylvania Ballet, Kansas City Ballet and Ballet Florida and former director of STEP Ahead (Ballet Florida's Choreographic Workshop). Jerry's vision was to create a environment... that fostered the experimentation of dance movement, that encouraged the collaboration of artistic ideas of visual artists, musicians and choreographers, that stimulated the education of all artists in every aspect of the production of dance and theatre, that nurtured the growth of the next generation of choreographers, dancers, artists, designers.

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.”  
Martha Graham

“Own up to your true voice and trust that what you make is unique and has a place in the world.”  
Lar Lubovitch

To provide an outstanding educational training ground for local, national and international artists to produce a unique dance performances.

To support and develop dance creation by providing a theatrical laboratory for established and emerging choreographers to work, collaborate and experiment with existing musicians and visual artists to enhance their final vision.

To foster and mentor young talented artists with in Palm Beach County through our choreography competition and apprentice programs, providing them with the opportunity to create, produce, perform with seasoned professional artists.

 To develop and cultivate relationships between existing arts organizations and arts schools by providing a forum for collaborations to generate through designed pairings of individuals and groups.

To create a collaborative and inclusive environment that actively promotes respect for diversity in all areas of the arts and to further establish Palm Beach County as a leader of arts and culture by bringing together a diverse group of artists to produce and achieve
a shared goal.

To serve the community through educational and outreach programs by providing a unique and meaningful arts organization, thereby making Palm Beach County a destination for dance artists, visual artists and supportive audiences as well as advancing its reputation for producing imaginative and inspired

To build, inspire, educate, entertain and nurture audiences for dance while engaging and deepening public appreciation and support art.


Directors, Maria K
onrad, Brenda Lougheed & Michele Zehner

Dean of Dance, Jan Hanniford Goetz

Director, Gordon Wright